News For Your Classroom Podcast Episode #4

Posted in DefaultTag by milestogodrugeducation on August 22nd, 2010

Hi and welcome to the podcast where we simplify a complex subject while giving you News for your classroom.

Each day we simplify current scientific news reports and studies about drugs, drug abuse and prevention on our twitter news page.

Several times per month we will provide you with these drug fact updates as an audio podcast and blog which will be available on our website as well as itunes and podbean.

QuitNet found that online social connections are helping people quit smoking when using cessation website.


Am. Heart Assoc. finds the 13 states w/o indoor smoking bans could drop thousands of heart attacks & millions of $ would be saved.


SAMHSA: Memorial Day weekend-youth alcohol ER visits up 11%-577 daily for alcohol & 199 daily for combined use drugs&alcohol.





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