News For Your Classroom Podcast Episode #3

Posted in DefaultTag by milestogodrugeducation on August 17th, 2010

Hi and welcome to the podcast where we simplify a complex subject while giving you News for your classroom.

Each day we simplify current scientific news reports and studies about drugs, drug abuse and prevention on our twitter news page.

Several times per month we will provide you with these drug fact updates as an audio podcast and blog which will be available on our website as well as itunes and podbean.

SAMHSA study shows Asians born in the U.S. more likely to use drugs and alcohol than Asians born outside the US.


SAMHSA study shows that Japanese Americans 3x’s more likely to use illicit drugs than families from India.


SAMHSA study shows that Asian American binge drinking patterns vary by country and birth place w/ Korean highest.


A small study from Geneva, Switz. Electronic Cigarettes used to quit smoking helpful, but urgent studies needed for toxicity.


UCLA: small study-sensitivity to the dopamine reward system of the teen brain makes it more prone to risk taking & reward seeking.



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