How To Use News For Your Classroom.

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Hi and welcome to the podcast where we simplify a complex subject while giving you News for your classroom.


Each day we simplify current scientific news reports and studies about drugs, drug abuse and prevention on our twitter news page.


Several times per month we will provide you with these drug fact updates as an audio podcast and blog which will be available on our website as well as itunes and podbean.


You can find us at at our twitter news page.


When you log on to this page you can view our daily tweets that we call daily drug fact updates. Use these real articles and studies as topics of discussion for your classroom, advisors' group, mentors' activities, health class, debate, homeroom, science, biology, human development, psychology, home school discussions, family conversations, faculty meetings, etc.


On our website you can subscribe to itunes, podbean, twitter and our blog sites to have it sent directly to your email box or your ipod.


In addition to these free subscriptions an MP3 player will be available on our website located on the twitter news page. All you need to do is click and listen to get your news for discussions in your classroom.


Our expanded subscription service includes everything you just heard plus extra questions, expanded discussion from Kelly & Jonathan about the subject and tweets that are not included in our free service. It’s like getting a mini lecture for your class. You can sign up for it on our web site’s twitter news page at


So begin with our at our twitter new page. Be sure to send us an email to let us know how you use this service.

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